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Madinat Al Wurood Project

Project Owner Ministry of Housing - Eadarah for Development & Progress

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Sep 2021


Madinat Al Wurood Project


Taif, KSA

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    Madinat Al Wurood Project

    Project Owner Ministry of Housing - Eadarah for Development & Progress

    An urban project located in the province of Taif, the Kingdom's first resort, and in a privileged location within the urban area adjacent to the neighborhood of Sharfiah and Rahmania and located on one of the main roads coming from Mecca (Al-Sail road).

    This project came under the umbrella of the Housing Program - one of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 ambitions - under the supervision of the National Housing Company, the investment arm of the Ministry of Housing, and the need for citizens in Taif, which exceeds one million people.

    The project is the largest in the province of Taif, but also one of the largest projects within the Kingdom's urban development, which includes the development of land area of more than 9 million square meters and the implementation of roads with a length of more than 112 kilometers long, including all services and sidewalks and lighting.

    A total of 5,400 residential villas will be built with distinctive models in the first phase of the project to meet the needs and hopes of a segment of the beneficiaries of housing and registered in the Ministry's lists, which to date have more than 35,000 beneficiaries in Taif Governorate only.

    The project includes giant commercial entertainment areas with a length of more than two thousand meters, including shops, cafes, restaurants, gardens, fountains, games, clubs, swimming pools and the scene of the giant landscape, which will be the distinguishing mark of the city and to preserve and add to the Saudi architectural features distinctive God help, where our holidays and events will be a new dress worthy of As part of global events, the project is not just an urban development, but a life-style based on our religion and culture.

    The city has planned the highest planning standards with all the services and infrastructure of water, electricity, drainage, telephone, and very spacious streets. Residential neighborhoods include all the facilities and services required of mosques, schools, clinics, gardens and the like to achieve the highest standard of living that is the goal of the ambitious quality of life program, one of the programs to achieve the vision of the Kingdom of 2030. It aims to improve the lifestyle of the individual and the family and build a society in a balanced lifestyle, In creating the environment necessary to support and develop new options that enhance the participation of citizens and residents in cultural, recreational and sports activities.
    Madinat Al Wurood will be the new and distinctive center of Al-Taif Governorate with its distinctive residential neighborhoods and commercial and leisure facilities that cater to the needs of residents and vacationers alike