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Health and Safety Certifications

Jazera is committed to maintaining a safe, injury-free working environment for all employees and stakeholders.

We, ALJAZERA hereby declare that we are in compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Management Regulations of the Ministry of Labor & Social Development, and our Health & Safety Management System is ISO 45001:2018 certified.

ALJAZERA has represented its commitment to comply with this regulation and has identified its occupational health and safety management system as ISO 45001:2018, which is considered a significant advancement in the field of occupational health and safety.

We have also found that the most effective way to minimize risk and injury rates is to create a culture of safety within our organization; therefore, we have established training programs for all employees on topics such as hazard identification, safe work practices and emergency preparedness. We also provide training on how to identify hazards related to specific tasks and processes; how to protect workers from these hazards; and how to make sure that people who may be affected. ​

Towards these progressive aims we have implemented the ISO 45001 standard throughout our organization. This is an  internationally recognized standard designed to make sure that any employee can voice their opinion on health and safety matters without fear of reprisal.

All our employees will be encouraged to raise any concerns they may have related to their own or others’ health, in a safe and non-threatening environment. The management team at ALJAZERA has been trained in Health and Safety awareness, with the aim being for all staff to be competent in this area.

"Our company provides workers with the information, instruction and training necessary to enable them to work safely. We will also provide them with facilities, protective clothing and equipment where appropriate. The responsibility for each employee's health and safety is shared between us, ALJAZERA."

We will provide training for all new employees about how to work safely and what the hazards are at each stage of the job.
We will provide regular training sessions for existing employees so that they are aware of any changes.

For any business, effective systems for managing risks are essential – with the goal of preventing accidents, injuries and ill health from occurring in the workplace.
Our system helps us achieve this through

effective systems for managing risks