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ALJAZERA Chooses To Invest In Its People

ALJAZERA has continued its commitment to investing in employees’ capability despite the challenges presented throughout the pandemic. We have shown innovation to remotely deliver programmes and initiatives that support the transfer of knowledge and collaboration for our employees.

In 2020,

we were faced with an outbreak of a global pandemic that challenged many aspects of business operations. The spread of the virus took the world by surprise, and we were forced to close our offices. This was only a temporary measure, however, as after three months of quarantine we were able to reopen these offices and continue operation without any other incidents taking place.

While some may say this was a particularly difficult time for Jazera, we consider it an opportunity to test out new ways of working that are more agile and supportive of our culture. Many employees took advantage of remote work capabilities on our intranet to work from home or cafes during this time period, which allowed them to maintain productivity while reducing their risk of exposure.

With leadership and talent development programmes at every level, ALJAZERA has been able to cultivate a workplace that is conducive to motivation and recognition.

The visionary leadership of Jazera has created a culture in which leaders are able to embrace change, create a positive environment, listen and connect with employees, develop a diverse workforce, and inspire employees to go above and beyond their role. To ensure this culture is not lost as the company grows, Jazera has put in place several different programmes that are aimed at developing top performers.

The Future Leaders programme is designed to develop leaders "for the Jazera of tomorrow" and consists of a three-year programme in which successful candidates will receive training in areas such as leadership, strategy, finance, technology, and marketing.

Our Team

A successful team will deliver consistent quality and service to customers, and this is why we work our best to provide team members with the skills, training, support, and opportunities they need to be successful.

Naif Abdullah Alaraifi

General Manager

Nawaf Hader Alarifi

Manager, Taif Branch

Akram N. Jabr

Executive Manager, Makkah Branch

The company's internal coaching and mentoring arrangements continue to be developed and embedded to support the business. For example,

coaching hours were recorded in 2021
which is an increase from in 2020