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Outstanding Governance, Strong Community Investment outperforms its Peers on Sustainability.

ALJAZERA's Robust Corporate Governance Framework

Corporate governance is a matter of good governance. It is the system through which corporations are directed, controlled and administered in accordance with laws, regulations and policies of the country in which they are incorporated. Good corporate governance is a testament to being responsible and ethical and is of paramount importance for any organization. It ensures transparency and accountability in the decision-making process and instills confidence in the stakeholders of the organization.

A robust Corporate Governance framework can help organizations avoid issues at board level, like frauds, mismanagement, etc. ALJAZERA, have adopted Corporate Governance practices which are critical to the sustainability and business continuity of any Company. We believe that governance builds trust, transparency, and accountability. Over the years, our Corporate Governance standards have been benchmarked against the best practices of global multi-national companies.

Our corporate governance standards adhere to international best practices as we firmly believe that it helps in efficient decision-making process and enhances shareholder value over the long term. Our Board of Directors has been constituted with competent people who operate independently. The board reviews all matters relating to operations, management and financial performance at regular intervals.

The statutory auditors make periodical inspection of different departments so as to ensure financial propriety of the Company and detect any irregularities or shortcomings in systems or processes leading to wastages or losses to the detriment of stakeholders.We encourage our employees to be vigilant in detecting all irregularities and report them to higher authorities for necessary corrective measures. The Audit Committee regularly monitors internal control process so as to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and minimize frauds/irregularities in a day.​